We have got the ball rolling for many Content Creators by building out the basics of their Post Up Video channel. These channels will eventually be taken down if the rightful owner does not claim them soon.

    To claim your channel, submit the simple form below. Once we verify you, you will be given 100% control of your channel. You then can update your profile promoting all your social properties, website and podcast. You can upload a new profile picture avatar (200px x 200px .png) and write up a very inviting bio to encourage new fans to want to watch your channel. And from that point forward you will need to upload all your new Fan-Friendly videos (20 minutes or less and published on YouTube) to your channel as soon as you produce them.

    Check out this great looking Post Up Videos channel page: KnicksFanTV.

    If you do not see a channel already published for you, you simply can register and create your own from scratch.


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