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Salute to all content creators driving the new media wave that is creating the future media stars in the eyes of the fan. Fans creating content for fans is a beautiful thing. Aren’t we all just very tired of listening to Stephen A. Smith to get our sports news. Let Post Up Videos help you establish and grow your creator brand. We look forward to your help in growing the platform as we help you expand your reach.

About Post Up Videos

We are revolutionizing how fanatical fans follow their favorite NBA Teams, NBA Players, and New Media Content Creators. Fans can now binge on great videos posted every day organized by their favorite Content Creators, NBA Tams, NBA Players, and Topics. The daily videos posted are created by the growing army of New Media Content Creators from around the world. Each Post Up Video will be no more than 20 minutes and laser focused on a single interesting, newsworthy, and timely topic.

Post Up Videos was an idea from a true Knick Fan wanting to make his life easier following the Knicks. This brainstorm happened during the crazy times (August 2022) of the 1000's of rumors around the Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks trade (not too disappointed it didn't happen).

The site was designed and built with a massive amount of effort to be able to launch LIVE when the first tipoff of the 2022-2023 NBA season starts. We are doing everything possible to launch with the features and functionality that make the "experience" both for Fans and Content Creators exceptional and worthy of the title of "The Next Big Thing".

The future of the platform is really in the hands of the community of fans and creators. We will keep pushing to get this 100% right for all that will use Post Up Videos to follow their team or to build their Content Creator passion.

Please use the contact form to tell us how we are doing and how we can be doing better.

To start, we are using YouTube hosted videos but the second phase of the platform will be to expand to self-hosted videos, live streaming, live chat, and more. We look forward to establishing Post Up Videos as a vital part of every NBA fan's daily enjoyment of being an Basketball Fan.

Would you like to get involved and help shape the future of Post Up Videos? We would like to hear your ideas on how we can make us the #1 destination for the NBA Fan and part of every Content Creators' plan to grow their brand. Contact Us Today and let's get Post Up Videos ramped up for the 2022 NBA Season and beyond.

Being part of the Post Up Video community we hope that you take on the task of doing your fair share of promoting the platform.

Everyone's Efforts Help Everyone.

So promote your Content Creator channel, encourage fans to become content creators, and tell the world that Post Up Videos has arrived. 

We hope that Post Up Videos makes it more enjoyable to be an active fan.

As a Content Creator, you owe it to the New Media profession to encourage others to take the leap. Build up your stable of creators and help them get started and help them succeed just like Dr. Dre. Please share your successful insights in our Creator's Community Facebook Group.

We know getting noticed and building a following on YouTube for a new Content Creator is super challenging. We hope that the structure and organization of Post Up Videos gives a fair shake to every Content Creator.  

Post Up Videos is not about the algorithm or getting likes, comments, and shares to the point where it is a distraction to the delivery of the great content that the New Media Content Creators are producing.

And we hope you appreciate not having to hit the SKIP AD link over and over again to just be able to watch a fan-created video.

Content Creator Benefits

All Content Creators get their own Post Up Video Channel. Your Post Up Video Channel doesn't replace any other platform you currently use but we really envision a day where it becomes the most important part of your Content Creator Empire.

You can create a winning Creator Profile to showcase yourself and earn a new following of fans that look forward to every piece of content you create. We encourage you to build up your profile so it really showcases who you are and what you do.

Please take a look at one of the leaders of the New Media Content Creator landscape to see how a real pro presents himself. Please check out CP The Fanchise's channel at the KnicksFanTV Post Up Video Channel.

We have built Content Creator Channels for many of the real leaders in the New Media Content Creators ecosystem to help them get started on the platform. Please look to see if you already have a channel for you and follow the CLAIM CHANNEL procedures to take over YOUR CHANNEL.

Every approved and published video on Post Up Videos will get promoted with a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social post promoting the Creator and his Content. We want every Content Creator to reach a wide audience and have new fans discover their videos.

We have HUGE PLANS to promote the platform and help every Content Creator grow their following.

Please join our Content Creators Community Facebook Group. Here you can learn from existing New Media Pros and build relationships with the leaders in NBA content creation.

Video Creation Best Practices

1️⃣  Subscribed members can submit videos using the video URL directly from your own personal or company YouTube account

2️⃣  You will submit only NBA-related videos that are 20 minutes or less in running time

3️⃣  You should use an inviting video title (80 characters max) that is related to the video content

4️⃣  You will classify each video by selecting only one Team Channel and one Category Topic for each video

5️⃣  You will need to list the main players discussed in the video for proper tagging and classification

6️⃣  You can upload as many videos of yours that you feel will entertain, enlighten and engage the members

Video Content Ideas